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Starfields animation

I had a bit of time to myself recently so I made a little animation. Nothing fancy just a brief introduction to the two characters from my comic Starfields. Ever since I made the comic I always imagined what they’d look like moving. Oh, and if you click on ‘HD’ you can watch it in High Definition on vimeo.


Hello. How are you?

I made a comic. It’s called “Starfields”, as you can probably guess from the cover above. It’s a short 27 page story that I’m very happy to say was recently awarded the Second prize in Kodansha’s Morning International Comic Competition. It’s actually the first comic I’ve ever made so I’m really pleased with it. It’s just been published online so please click on the links to read it in English or Japanese on the Morning International Comic Competition website.

Comic update 2


Well I’m pretty happy with the story, and I’ve added a bit of colour to some of the characters. I’ve missed doing an animation of late so I’ve decided to start working on another film while trying to sort out the dialogue for the comic at the same time.

Comic update

It’s still going. The story’s starting to get bigger and bigger, and I don’t have a clue how it’ll end, but I’m really enjoying it. I do sort of think this would make a nice animation though. Maybe someone will give me loads of money to turn this into an epic animation and graphic novel…


I’ve started a comic, well kind of… sort of…, I’ve got an idea at least. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to start a comic but I’ve got some characters and a story that I really like so I think I’ll see this one through.