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YES, YES, YES! It’s been over a year and a half, time for a blog update.

Listen up kids, there’s this new thing in town called Instagram. You can share photos and stuff on it. I’ve decided to give it a go. You can follow me at instagram.com/_aubtin_. Promise I’ll keep it updated more than I have this blog…

Pocko Times Interview


Hello! How are you? It’s nearly spring. Hope the weather’s nice where you are.

I was recently interviewed by the lovely people at the Pocko Times. It’s a really interesting magazine that originally started out in print and is now also publishing stuff online. It’s full of lots of really interesting and varied work and it was a real pleasure to answer their questions.

You can read the interview here.

The Lumen Prize 2014


Good evening. It’s getting a bit chilly out isn’t it?

Some brief news; I was very pleased that my animation Sefton’s Dream was selected as one of the works for this year’s Lumen Prize Online Gallery. If you fancy it, please take a look here.


To help promote ADC Young Guns 12 I was invited to be one of 48 artists to design a level for a browser game that reanimates to a completely different level every time you die (short clip of the level I came up with above). I had loads of fun doing this. Quite a while ago I’d be thinking of making a little game but it never came to, but after the fun I had doing this I feel like it’s something I definitely want to think about again.

Please click here to play the game. It’s randomly generated so who knows what you’re gonna get…

Interview for Storenvy

Hello! I did a short interview recently for Storenvy where I talked about the work I sell in my shop and in particular the animation cels from Sefton’s Dream. If you fancy a quick read please check it out here…

Sefton’s Dream test

This is the first animated test I did for Sefton’s Dream. There’s not much to see here, but I was encouraged enough from this to proceed with this way of working for the final animation.

Animation Cels on Sale


A selection of original inked animation cels from Sefton’s Dream are now available for sale at my shop. Take a look, you might like to buy one…

Sefton’s Dream Online!

I finally uploaded Sefton’s Dream! So watch it… please.