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Sefton’s Dream test

This is the first animated test I did for Sefton’s Dream. There’s not much to see here, but I was encouraged enough from this to proceed with this way of working for the final animation.

Animation Cels on Sale


A selection of original inked animation cels from Sefton’s Dream are now available for sale at my shop. Take a look, you might like to buy one…

Sefton’s Dream Online!

I finally uploaded Sefton’s Dream! So watch it… please.

Sefton’s Dream Update


Well, it’s been quite some time since I last updated this blog but thought I better sneak in a quick post or else it’ll be a whole year since my last one.

Anyway, good news is Sefton’s Dream is finished! I’d finished it a few months ago actually but I’m afraid there’re a couple of things I need to sort out before I can put it on my website.

In the meantime, I’ve added a page for Sefton’s Dream where you can see some images of varying quality, taken during various stages of animating.


I’m back to working in colour now. Hmm, maybe you didn’t even know I was working in monochrome before, I didn’t mention it but you might have noticed from the previous images. Anyway, it’s great to get back to working with a colour palette. Not just that, but the way in which I’m colouring is really fun too.

My desk

A poor quality photo taken while animating the other night.

Straight lines

Recently, I’ve been drawing with a ruler when animating. It’s something I’ve never really done before actually. It’s slowed down my work-rate somewhat but it’s been really fun to draw with slightly more precision.

My floor part 2

Update on my floor: there’s still no room to move.
Update on Sefton’s Dream: I’m still working on it. It’s getting close though, honest.